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  • Processes that guide Board of Directors decision-making
  • Structure for management of responsibilities of the Board, management and shareholders
  • Compliance with corporate formalities
  • Provides Corporate Governance leadership
  • Helps to mitigate risks associated with a Board’s performance of its fiduciary duties
  • Facilitates Board decision-making processes and procedures
  • Documents Board and Committee deliberations and decisions
  • Board and Committee support
  • Board and Committee meeting preparation
  • Subsidiary and affiliate management
  • Corporate Governance service partner management
  • Corporate Governance consulting
  • Often do not have a seasoned Corporate Secretary who specializes in providing the Board of Directors with governance oversight
  • Settle for assigning the Corporate Secretary role to an overextended executive in the company who doesn’t have the time or knowledge it takes to execute all that that role demands

If you would answer “yes” to any of the following questions, an external Corporate Secretary will benefit your company:

  • Is your company lacking an experienced Corporate Secretary?
  • Could your Board and Committee deliberations and decisions be better documented?
  • Could your company use assistance in meeting its legal entity management requirements?
  • Is your company’s Corporate Secretary function a secondary role?
  • Pre-empt plaintiffs’ attempts to access shareholder assets to satisfy corporate liabilities
  • Improve preparedness for corporate transactions and audits
  • Enhance effectiveness of Board meetings and action execution
  • No, there is no legal or regulatory requirement that a Corporate Secretary be an attorney—a legal background may be helpful but is not necessary
  • The roles of the Corporate Secretary and legal counsel are distinctly different—the Corporate Secretary provides specialized managerial and administrative services related to Board and Shareholder meeting processes, not legal advice
  • GPG’s professionals are Corporate Secretaries with in-house corporate legal backgrounds who employ their corporate experience to help Boards of Directors practice robust corporate governance as a supplement to the services provided by a company’s corporate attorneys
  • When situations call for legal advice, GPG’s Corporate Secretaries partner with a company’s legal counsel to ensure that the company’s attorneys handle the company’s legal matters
  • GPG is a modern solution engineered to meet Middle-Market Company Boards’ unique Corporate Governance needs
  • We help management to improve efficiency by providing expert Corporate Secretary services
  • We specialize in high quality, flexible services with the personal attention you want and the confidentiality you need at a reasonable cost
  • GPG leverages relationships with governance service partners to provide a full complement of customized services

Outsourcing the Corporate Secretary role to experienced governance professionals allows Mid-Market companies to efficiently and effectively meet their governance requirements and identify and implement best governance practices to:

  • Increase effective Board decision-making
  • Enhance shareholder value

Leave the management of your Board’s governance needs in our expert hands to:

  • Improve governance without increasing staff
  • Allow executives to focus on what they do best
  • Access our wealth of governance resources & relationships
  • Ensure that Board decisions are properly documented
  • Mitigate operational and corporate litigation risk
  • Prepare for successful corporate transactions & audits

…on a full-time, part-time or special project basis