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GPG provides a full range of external Corporate Secretary and related corporate governance services to Boards of Directors and executive management of corporations and other organizations that have a need to practice good corporate governance but which may not have sufficient internal resources to practice good governance in an appropriately robust manner and, therefore, prefer to retain an external expert to perform all or a portion of their Office of the Corporate Secretary functions.  We offer a modern solution engineered to meet your company’s unique corporate governance needs and deliver a wide range of high quality and flexible external Corporate Secretary services with personal attention and the confidentiality that you need at a reasonable cost. Our professionals are available for any type of project, including providing external support during peak periods, when identified projects require special skills or after a company’s corporate governance professionals may have left the company.  We leverage our relationships with governance service partners to provide a full complement of customized services.

A GPG professional can serve as a full-time or part-time external Corporate Secretary on an as-needed basis to do day-to-day corporate governance work and special projects.  We can add quality, capability and flexibility to supplement and complement your company’s Corporate Secretary staff with no increase to employee headcount.  We can also add value by handling critical longer-term projects that are often bypassed in order to address more time-sensitive issues.   Our governance professionals can work in a virtual environment or on-site at your company.  Leave the management of your Board’s governance needs in our hands to:

  • Improve governance without increasing staff
  • Allow executives to focus on what they do best
  • Access our wealth of governance resources and relationships
  • Ensure that Board decisions are properly documented
  • Mitigate operational and corporate litigation risk
  • Prepare for successful corporate transactions and audits

The GPG Five Key Services

  • Manage and attend shareholder, board and committee meetings
  • Prepare meeting minutes
  • Present resolutions to the board for approval
  • Implement board and committee charters and foundational documents
  • Identify and implement best corporate governance practices
  • Maintain key corporate governance documents and records
  • Assist management to plan board and committee meetings
  • Help to determine meeting objectives
  • Identify matters for board discussion and decision-making
  • Develop, distribute and present board and committee materials
  • Serve as Corporate Secretary for subsidiaries
  • Ensure global legal entity management
  • Facilitate periodic subsidiary board meetings
  • Maintain subsidiary corporate minute books

Coordinate the retention and management of best-in-class third party corporate governance service vendors such as:

  • Board portal providers
  • Legal entity management system vendors
  • Director education, recruitment and evaluation services
  • Annual meeting and independent inspector of shareholder election services
  • Stock transfer agents
  • Shareholder identification and unclaimed property compliance services
  • Proxy design, distribution and vote tabulation services
  • Proxy solicitors and advisors
  • Corporate and securities legal counsel
    • Perform audits of existing corporate governance processes
    • Develop recommendations for improvement
    • Facilitate corporate governance process development and improvement
    • Manage implementation of board and committee evaluations
    • Develop and implement delegation of authority and resolution approval processes